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SL-GL116 LED In-Ground Light IP68 Waterproof

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Product name£º SL-GL116 LED In-Ground Light IP68 Waterproof

Product Model£º SL-GL116 LED In-Ground Light IP68 Waterproof


GL116 LED In-Ground Light is unique,robust yet attractive,medium-sized(60mm dia) is ideal for paths,lobbies and ponds lighting.One high-power LED,overall imported stainless stel construction and IP68 protection rating make it own a broad applicability.With toughened glass for added security and applicability.Inexpensive to run,with up to 50,000 hours of LED life.Without special maintenance make GL116 great value for money.With patented cable waterproof design,can effectively block from cable water intrusion.

Product Description:
LED Light Source: High  Power CREE LED
Light Color: RGB,CW,WW,NW,Red,Green,Blue,Amber
Material: SUS316
Optics: S12¡ã /F45¡ã
Power: 1W
Power Supply: 350mA
Dimension: D60*45mm
Weight: 465g
IP Rating: IP68
Approvals: CE,RoHs
Ambient Temperature: -20¡æ-+45¡æ
Average life: 50,000Hrs
Accessories(Optional): N/A

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