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SL-GL119CT Eyebrow LED Ground Light

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Product name£º SL-GL119CT Eyebrow LED Ground Light

Product Model£º SL-GL119CT Eyebrow LED Ground Light


GL119CT is made of import stainless steel.It¡¯s very flexible and perfect with IP Waterproof.It can be used in the bathroom floor,deck,porch and road.Using toughened glass increased its security.The extra anti-dazzle lens and hood make it become very suitable for the places where requires anti-dazzle.

LED Light Source: High  Power CREE LED
Light Color: RGB,CW,WW,NW,Red,Green,Blue,Amber
Material: SUS316
Optics: S20¡ã /F60¡ã
Power: 1W
Power Supply: 350mA
Dimension: D41.5*48mm
Weight: 140g
IP Rating: IP68
Approvals: CE,RoHs
Ambient Temperature: -20¡æ-+45¡æ
Average life: 50,000Hrs
Accessories(Optional): N/A

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